Why your company probably needs BIM

It's part of our digitalized future

First of all..

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a technology that brings digital representations of real objects. In essence, a BIM object is a digital twin of a real product.

It should contain all the product’s information, such as: the way it looks, dimensions, materials, weight, and much more depending on the nature of the real object.

These objects are used by architects, designers, builders, and engineers in complex projects  that involve a wide range of actors. Typically they are used in architectural planning applications such as ArchiCad and Revit.


BIM... It's everywhere

As you walk into a modern building and consider the objects around you,

it is very likely they also exist in the digital space, as a BIM object.

The objects can range from simple to complex, depending on the type of product.

That one word…


In our digital age characterized by the on-going pursuit for speed, efficiency, and convenience, using BIM files has become the norm; they are key components in construction projects across most industries

The increasing industrial demand for BIM objects lies in their ability to drastically improve workflows, communication, and thereby cut down operation time and costs.

BIM, digitalization, and the future of construction…

They go hand in hand.

BIM means business

From a business perspective, having a BIM catalogue readily available for the public sphere, which includes clients, architects, designers, contractors, and more, means more exposure of your products and brand.

To be chosen in a project, it is an absolute necessity to be able to distribute your catalogue in a digital format: BIM.

Get your product in cyberspace

And get chosen in projects

But quality matters. Even in BIM.

Which is where Bimstone comes in

Unique products deserve tailor-made BIM objects


Treating your product like the work of art it is

We make your products stick out among competitors