Why Native BIM?

Seize competitive advantage – Make your product stick out.

Our BIM objects are hand-made from the ground up by our expert engineer team with years of experience in a variety of industry-standard architect platforms such as ArchiCad, Revit, and more.

This means that Bimstone BIM objects have a range unique features fully unlocked and  work as intended on their respective platforms. Our BIM objects are more flexible, adaptable, and contain more information than generic ones usually found on portals. 

Bimstone BIM objects

Bimstone BIM objects reach a level of quality that remains unseen elsewhere, and are cherished by the experienced architect who has already seen the light and cannot go back.

The difference is glaring.

Native BIM

Scripted BIM

Level Of Detail

Architects require different LODs depending on the situation. It is often based on the recipient of the file and/or the stage of the project. The exchange version of the file is adaptable, it is usable across most platforms making it extra convenient in projects involving multiple actors using different types of software. ArchiCAD and Revit has tools to manage LOD of the project. Our BIMSTONE files function fully with these features, allowing the user to modify it according to the specific purpose.

User friendliness in all project stages


A Bimstone BIM object is delivered with all the object’s necessary information and features, allowing the user to effortlessly determine how the real object will perform in a given environment.
It increases the speed of communication and transparency between users throughout the different stages of the construction processes.
Many of the objects found on portals are incomplete and lack essential pieces of information about your product. This reduces the usability and desireability of your end product.

In essence, Bimstone BIM objects significantly improves the workflows of architects, engineers, planners, and more

We don't miss a detail

Transformable and Expandable

Our BIM objects are able to include all the available options coming with your product, carrying an exceptional capability to transform into the desired version on the fly.
Colors, material and fabric types, the different available dimensions and measurements, and much more, can all be incorporated into the BIM objects. The user can, as a result, instantly discern the different options available to find and implement the best possible version of your product for a given environment.
This drastically improves the practicality of your objects and increases the attractiveness of your products and company as a whole in the eyes of the users. It makes your products stand out among the rest.

The beauty of Native BIM

Digitalizing all types of products

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