Essem Design – Native BIM Objects for our hallways

Essem Design
Written by Jean-Paul B

Written by Jean-Paul B

Native BIM Objects for Essem Design that is a personal company which aims to develop, manufacture and market sustainable, functional and well-designed  furnishings for private and public hallways. 

Among the many corridors we venture through in the complexity of our lives, there are but few that will always remain familiar to us. The hallway of our homes, its arrangement ingrained into our minds, committed to provide our daily essentials, ready to embrace the tiredness in our limbs and minds, unconcerned with the soil under our shoes or the water dripping off our coats.

The hallway is where our emotions tend to peak, where final words are uttered as we say goodbye, declarations of love are echoed as partners part, ambition prepares itself for its daily goals and challenges, where chants of success and sighs of relief are loudest as we return home. The hallway, the epicenter of initial and final emotions, a rich archive of nostalgia, and a gateway between inside’s comforts and outside’s thrills.

To strangers, it signifies a teaser to the peculiar nature of our homes, a first impression to the things we value; the hallway is to our house what a handshake is to our character. Essem Design’s vision is based on the defining, many-sided, and sometimes overlooked role the hallway plays in our homes and offices, emphasizing its potential to elevate our lives with objects that emanate an uncompromising striving for craft, timelessness, functionality, and sympathy.

We are delighted to be collaborating with Essem Design.


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