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Your long term partner for a successful BIM-strategy

Byggnads Informations Modellering (BIM) är en alltmer vedertagen metod att säkerställa att byggprojekt projekteras, byggs och drivs på ett effektivt sätt.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the most efficient way of handling big and complex building projects. By planning, executing, and maintaining complex building projects through BIM a high degree of cost and quality efficiency is achieved.

By collecting all relevant information in the BIM-model for a project it safeguards a thorough overview of that specific construction. A BIM-model gives advantages both in the planning and execution stages but also during the maintenance and renovation of the construction since it details whats in the project and how to replace and upgrade everything in the project in the most efficient way through the project’s full life cycle.

A manufacturer that wants to be part of a BIM-planned project must have all its relevant products to be used in the project in relevant digital files. These digital models are referred to as BIM-objects and they represent both a visual model of the product but also plenty of relevant information which is important for the overview of the whole project.

Bimstone has comprehensive knowledge of how different manufacturers should adapt their products for BIM. We have helped many companies with different types of products create optimized BIM-libraries of their products so that they can be part of BIM-planned projects.

A BIM-object is the digital twin of the manufacturer’s product. At Bimstone we are the experts in creating the right type of objects and we also maintain and upgrade these objects so the user can always rely on and trust the objects brought in to the project.

If you are a manufacturer involved in big contracts and want to bring your products in to BIM we are only a phone call or an email away to tell you how we think your strategy could look like.

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