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About Us

Bimstone is a young company with extensive experience

Bimstone is a young Swedish company that gathers a great deal of experience around everything that can be related to BIM and in particular BIM objects. We have built up a unique experience and knowledge of how the market for BIM should be met.

Why choose Bimstone?

At Bimstone, we always start from each customer’s unique situation and our commitment is based on long-term perspective in all collaborations. We attach great importance to each customer’s needs. Through the analysis, we create a strategy that lasts today and tomorrow based on each customer’s unique situation.

The rule that says that there are no shortcuts to quality also applies within BIM. A properly developed BIM object does the job for both the manufacturer and the projector and bad BIM objects are not used by the projectors, which means that the manufacturer does not enter the BIM-planned projects with the help of these objects.