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Bimstone BIM Objects

Bimstone provide any kind of assistance related to the BIM objects
Tailor made objects for BIM

Some of our Clients

Digitalizing leading brands

Tailor-made BIM from BIMSTONE


Change your BIM object between a variety of LOD's on the fly.


Use BIM Objects as the were supposed, to in ArchiCad, Revit, Vektorworks, and more...


Most product lines come in variety of shapes, forms, and colors. With our BIM objects, the architects can effortlessly switch between them and add or remove optional product add-ons.


Our BIM objects respect the inherent complexity of your product. They include all necessary information that the architects need.

BIM Showcase

Witness the power of our native BIM objects.

Other services

Continuous updates

Keep your BIM objects up-to-date

Marketing campaigns

Technical assistance

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About Bimstone

Already packing years of experience with BIM, we continue to strive towards excellence in the production and delivery of BIM objects that meet the highest imaginable standards, with the ultimate goal to become Europe’s #1 supplier of native hand-made BIM objects.

Bimstone is here for you, in the effort to understand your specific BIM challenges, we intend to make your road towards digitalization, productivity, and competitive advantage as fruitful as possible.